A Great Zero Waste Blog to Follow!

Have you heard of scarce!? This website is amazing. I was looking up ways to recycle bread clips and came across the site. New Collection: Plastic Bread Tags - SCARCE

There are great articles and ideas throughout the site, check it out! What are some similar websites you’ve found?

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Wow, this is so cool. I never really thought about those things. I throw them out together with other household plastic refuse for recycling. People come up with the most creative ways to recycle plastic waste.

I found this website that shows a very creative way to make use of used juice tetra packs. We all know how many kids are(were for now) sent to school with drinks that come in tetra packs. What are Recycled Bags in the Philippines Made Of?
There are other examples of repurposing waste in that webpage but that is by far the coolest example.