Ecological Search Engine

Would you like to help the world doing the very same things you do every day? I am talking about browsing the internet and using search engines. Well, Ecosia helps us with that. Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees. Another good part of Ecosia is that they do not track their users nor sell their data, so we all are safe with them. Ecosia is very transparent with its funds. They have financed almost 5million trees around countries like Madagascar, Morocco, Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, India, Senegal, Bolivia, Indonesia, Rwanda, Uganda, Philippines, Sudan. Each month, they pay their partners to plant trees and to bring back forests through alternative methods, firefighting, and natural regeneration.
I would suggest looking at for more information.
I am just sharing the word and I welcome you to use it as I have been doing for some time now.
Look at this screenshot from the front page of Ecosia!

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Very cool that you mentioned Ecosia! I actually just signed up a few weeks ago and have been using it. Apparently it’s 45 searches per tree planted, so I’m up to 22 trees already in a short amount of time.
Thanks for sharing!


At 235!


Wow, that is great! Thank you for sharing :grinning: