Empty glass bottles? Do this!

Hi everyone, I just came across this TikTok video that shows what we all can do with empty glass bottles, like the ones that are used for beer and other alcoholic drinks.

I think this is a great idea, and the final result is beautiful too.

Check it out: TikTok Video

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That’s such a great idea.
Sometime ago i came across a post about recycling empty bottles and one in particular caught my attention. In 1960, heineken produced square bottles to build houses. Houses! How crazy is that?
The idea came from a bad experience he had when he went on a trip and saw how their bottles were going to waste. I always thought it was interesting (and a lot cheaper) to build a house like that. To be honest, the stuff they build with these bottles are so pretty… has such a nice color to it.
If you want to know more about these bottles, take a look at the story behind it: When Heineken Bottles Were Square | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine

I remember seeing something like this some years ago, but I thought it was only for art expo intentions. I searched about this after i saw your comment and I found out there’s some places when people actually build their houses like that because of poverty.

Yeah, there are actually some house fully built like that (although i haven’t seen any with this specific bottle, i think it got popular somewhere else?), including where i live. I’ve seen from whole wall to a “security system” if you may. Now, this “security system” is kind of interesting, people with less financial condition opt to having this. Here’s how it works: They break the glass bottles in medium sized pieces and put the sharp side on the top of an exterior wall faced up so anyone that tries to break in gets cut. I haven’t heard stories of people actually getting caught by it but, any security is better than none, am i right?

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Haha, yes! You are right. Where I live its really common to see those glass pieces glued to the wall. They seem pretty sharp, and if people use them, they may be useful…


I know that some beer companies reuse the glass bottles because it is cheaper that making new ones everytime. They clean them good and refill them again. I think it is a good idea because this opens some small job positions as such for the people who collect them and resell them in cheap prices to these companies. I know some people who do this “job” and for them it is better than nothing. It is quite a dirty job for them, but I’m glad they do keep our planet cleaner than just throwing and making big piles of trash.

Yes! When I visited Argentina, I noticed that whenever you buy drinks at small supermarkets (chinese supermarkets, that you can find everywhere), you have to go back and return the empty bottles.
The most common bottles that you have to return are the glass ones for beer, but there are also hard plastic Coke bottles that need to be returned.

The cashier also gives you some money when you return them. That money is included in the price and its like a “warranty” if you don’t go back and return the bottle.

They do that in my country. I thought this was standard for everyone haha. Since i was a child i would go to the corner store and notice that there were some glass bottle crates there. In order to buy some, you had to 1: bring an empty bottle to exchange for the new one with the content inside or 2: buy a new one for a higher price so that when you come back to buy some more you don’t have to pay again for the bottle. Every week or so a big coke/fanta/guaraná truck comes here, restore, pick the empty ones and go. I’m actually surprised this isn’t like that for the rest of the world.

Right, if they would do it in the US, the impact would be awesome. Imagine if all the population would return their bottles.

The productions of new plastic bottles would decrease and there would be less bottles in the trash can.

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A great opportunity of causing less harm to the planet lost right there. What a shame… Hope they change their minds some day in the future.