Help us build to have the largest zero waste directory!

Please visit and help us build the largest zero waste shops directory ever!


This is a great idea! I’ll try finding some shops I know of.

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Great, I love the idea. There’s a directory my mom uses in Texas called TexasRealFood ( It helps her find local farmers markets, cheese, meat, etc. Not much about zero waste - but all about sustainable farming. Check it out! The layout is easy to use, and there is great material under “resources” about sustainability. I’d LOVE for ZeroWasteShops to be as easy to use as this directory. I desperately need a bulk shop here!

I live in St. Petersburg, FL - my local bulk shop for household cleaning supplies just closed temporarily :pensive:
You can still order online though - Buy in Bulk Natural Laundry Detergents & Cleaning Products – Molly’s Suds
It’s sad to see these new businesses be impacted by the pandemic.

To the other readers - What are other bulk stores near you doing to adapt to the pandemic? Or are you ordering more online? Please share :grin:


Yay for Zero Waste Living!
I mentioned Litterless in another reply as a great resource for finding bulk shopping in your area. But I just thought about another big part of zero waste living and that is…composting!

Suncoast Compost and Compost Now are cool directories to find pick up and drop off options for your food scraps and other compostables.

That’s an awesome idea! Someone should add a sticky topic to the forum as well and keep the list growing on every possible site to make people aware of it.