Home Made Sustainable Beauty Products?

Hi everybody! I would love to start making my own beauty products that are cheap and easily accessible. What are your go-tos? My skin tends to be normal/oily combo and is acne prone.

I started my low waste journey back in July and so far I’m so happy with all the switches I’ve made! I had one or two hiccups with shower products because I’m allergic to a lot of things, but have now found the perfect combination of soap/shampoo/conditioner.

The one thing I haven’t switched out yet is my face wash. I have bad ance around period and I’m wonder if anyone else has found a bar that works for their hormonal acne.

I heard that Jojoba oil is a good ingredient for these kind of products, but I want to hear you recommendations.

Thank you in advance!!


What exactly are you aiming for? A more natural look, more outgoing…
One i heard about is rice powder. It’s relatively easy to make, less harsh on the skin and cheap. Also, since you said you have oily skin, rice powder could help you with that. There’s some youtube tutorials on how to make rice powder, check it out if it sounds interesting to you!

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I’m actually looking for both kind of products. Something that I can use everyday and other products which I can use when I go out.
I will look for that rice powder and watch some Youtube videos about it.

As soon as I try it, I will make a post here for sure.
Thank you!

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