Making paper out of elephant's poop

A couple of years ago, while searching for ways to recycle some old books i had laying around my house, i came across an eye-catching video title on YouTube (i don’t remember it now but, just search for it, you’ll definitely find it) that went something like “Poo Paper”. That intrigued me because, well, making PAPER out of a elephant’s POOP isn’t something you see on a day-to-day basis. This video had the whole process. from the elephant’s role to the processing and the final product. I remembered this today, while reading someone’s post on this forum about paper (it had nothing to do with poop though lol). I went on a search to find this video and came across the website, a website that sells this paper! How cool is that?

Even though it is expensive and there is no way we could do it at home (unless you have an elephant) i thought it was cool to share this. Seeing people show interest and trying new stuff with the most unlikely items just give me a little bit of hope that we can still save this planet. If any of you decide to buy this, please make a post out of it! I’d love to see people trying it out and their personal experience with this product.

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I see they make paper out of different kinds of poo, horse, donkey, cow and the famous elephant poo. I do not think it could be done at home because it takes many processes to achieve the final result, but i was thinking how great it would be if books, and other paper related products would have been made with this poo paper. It might be more expensive but it would save many trees and producr less carbon.

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Super interesting discussion, I have not heard of this yet! I will definitely be checking it out. It’s exciting to see all of the new alternatives that are coming out, and it’s developing rather quickly. People are seeing the benefits of switching to a sustainable lifestyle and even creating a sustainable business! I love it.

I have heard of paper made from kangaroo poo. From what I understand, it is mostly fibers. I have had an unfortunate close encounter with elephant dung when I was very young. I was at a lumbermill in Sri Lanka. No elephants at that moment so I was free to look around. I thought I was kicking around large clumps of sawdust when my dad informed me I was kicking elephant dung. It was not gross and there was no offensive smell so I can imagine it being used to make hand crafted paper.