Screen ECO Mode

I have mentioned that I am a newbie tech guy myself and I was looking in my computer screen and I saw this little button writing “eco mode”. I see there are three options with it. Eco mode off, 1 and 2. Eco mode 2 makes the brightness very low compared to the off mode. There’s this option which tells me how less carbon I have released and it might be a good sign that I’m saving even more. This meter converts the energy consumption reduced by Eco mode settings, and then displays it as the amount of CO₂ reduction. This visualization increases ecological awareness and motivation for energy-saving activities. I will have to look it up to understand it more. Or if anyone knows more about this feature.
My screen is from NEC. I do not know much about the company but they claim this “NEC works proactively for energy-saving products and contributes to the reduction of CO₂ emissions by enhancing energy-saving functions and improving energy efficiency.”
This is an image of my screen ;

That is actually really cool. Do you know the model of the screen?
I tried to find the same feature on my Dell monitor but it doesn’t have it.

Turning the screen off when you are not using it, also helps saving energy.

This screen is from NEC. NEC provides IT and network solutions, including cloud computing platform, and telecommunications equipment and software to business enterprises, communications services providers and to government agencies, and has also been the biggest PC vendor in Japan since the 1980s. It is an old screen, but this company contributes to the reduction of emissions and produced energy-saving products.