Some general tips for Zero waste

Here are some general ideas for the Zero Waste Approach:

Avoid receipts when out: Most places today have some form of digital receipts available. Asking for no or digital receipts saves a bit of paper each time. It can eventually add up to a considerable amount.

Host clothing swap with friends/like minded folk: Instead of going shopping each time a change of clothing is required, try hosting a swap even with friends. The clothes can be exchanged temporarily or permanently, as agreed.

Wash clothes in cold water: Washing clothes in cold water has multiple benefits. Make sure to check the fabric instructions, and if allowed use cold water. Here are some benefits – reduced energy usage (as no energy is required to heat the water up), decrease in microfiber pollution (clothes release microfibers in the water system; this pollutes water and can even pose risk to humans).

Wrap gifts in newspapers: Instead of using new craft paper or gift wraps, try old newspapers for wrapping the gifts. It gives a retro look, and helps with reducing paper usage and decrease waste creation.

Try to use rechargeable batteries: They work the same except once used, can be recharged. In comparison to use and throw batteries, rechargeable batteries use less electricity, are overall cheap and generate much less waste.

Tree –free toilet paper: This paper may be made from agricultural residues, cordage wastes or fibre crops. This switch will help save the trees which have to be chopped down to make wood pulp.

Unplug electronics when not in use: Set the power setting to low consumption mode and when not in use, unplug your electronics. This can save a great amount of energy, pollution and money, all in one move.

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Sadly, my country doesn’t allow to refuse the receipt in shops and restaurants. I don’t know why is that but I don’t wanna get caught doing something “illegal”.
I’ve started using the newspaper trick for gifts and they look stylish and aesthetic to be honest I will always do them like that.

I don’t know why is that but I don’t wanna get caught doing something “illegal”.


Did you know that fruit flies lay 500 eggs at a time on the fruit in your kitchen? Reuse wine corks in your fruit bowl. They absorb moisture from the ripening fruit and put off a fragrance that repel the pesky bugs. This is the best tip i heard today!

Unplug electronics when not in use. This is significant enough that it has a name, vampire lights/energy.
I never understood the multiple appliances that have clocks on them or even wall socket powered alarm clocks. These are some of the worst offenders of vampire energy.

Try to use rechargeable batteries. I play guitar and 9 volt batteries used to be a bane when I started playing. Todays generation can power their effects pedals with rechargeable power banks. I started moving away form carbon zinc batteries a long time ago and have moved to NiCad, to NiMH and now to Lithium Ion batteries for pedals that don’t have a dc plug. Lithium Ion batteries have the highest cycles compared to the other two and is plagued less with memory effect (maximum capacity decreases when it is charged when capacity is only slightly discharged). Using rechargeable batteries is a must for electric razors/clippers, remote controls and wireless mice etc.

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