Some helpful websites

• Flyp : Flyp lets you sell your used clothes. Declutter and make some cash on the side. It makes the process easier as flyp will actually connect you to “pro sellers”, people hired by flyp to make sales, handle the listing process and negotiate prices. All you got to do is click pictures of clothes and pick a pro seller as your partner.

• Bunz: This is without the cash and not just clothes. Let’s say there are things that you no longer need, and also don’t want anything in return? Bunz lets you do that. It is based in Toronto so locals from there will have a tons of options, but the good news is that they are pushing to go global.

• Forest: okay so this one is only available as an app. It is designed to help users focus. Spending time away from your phone plants a virtual tree and the tree grows as you continue to stay away from the phone. You will eventually end up having a little virtual forest of your own. The app then rewards you with credits which can be used to plant actual trees around the world!

• EcoCRED: EcoCred asks you a few questions and based on the answers it will assign you an eco score. It resembles your carbon footprint. It will make suggestions and habit changes will increase or decrease the score. Great way to make practical changes.

• Ecosia: ecosia is the search engine that plants trees! We already have a post on this one.


I had never heard about the forest app, and since I used to be a tech addict and sometimes i struggle getting back into the habit I will use this app. I just downloaded it on my smartphone (thank you) and I will try it as soon as possible. I think that I’ll help nature as well as myself. I encourage everybody to try these websites!

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Thank you!
I really hope that Bunz expands to other major cities too. Its a great platform for organized donations.
Also I’ve been trying Ecosia and I have to say, it works great!

I’m downloading the Forest App right now. I have to stop using my phone that much.

I downloaded the forest app and i used it a couple of times. It is a great idea to prevent myself for using my phone when I do not really need to. I have 19 trees so far, but I wanted to ask a question to other users of forest app. Do we need to have the subscription for the teees to be plantes in real life, because as i understood I think i have to. Maybe that is the only revenue they get so they need the money to plant real trees. I actually like the idea of my virtual forest on my phone :slight_smile:

I won’t mention specific sites but make sure you check out homesteading and prepper websites and forums. Hear me out, you won’t be there to learn what to pack in a go bag or learning how to live off grid(well, maybe off grid if you want solar power). If you go for the food production aspect such as gardening, food prep and meat production, you will find solid advice. Remember, part of their goal is self sufficiency off grid. Their ideas are basically what will be easily replicated, efficiency and not heavily reliant on modern technology. Varied topics such as what varieties of duck and chicken to raise, solar dehydrator to store produce longer, which garden vegetables to grow and how to pickle them. They might have unconventional beliefs but they prepare as if their lives depended on it.

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