Sustainable Shampoo Bars?

Hi guys,

I’d like to switch to shampoo bars but the ones I’ve tried at Lush don’t work well with my hair. I have natural thick, straight hair that gets oily and itchy after a day of not washing. I think my biggest problem is the itching. Do you guys have any recommendations for brands I could try?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


Hey! Recently while searching, i’ve came across this website Deals Archive - EarthHero, it instantly reminded me of your post and thought i’d pass by and share it with you! This website has everything from shampoos and skin products to pets and baby products, which is nice. Keeping yours and your pets’s/baby’s shopping list in the same place makes thing simpler to you. Keep in mind that i haven’t tested their products yet so, i don’t know how they’ll work for you. Hope it helps and fits your hair!

Hey!! Thank you so much. I will definitely check it out and order some products to try.
When they arrive, I will share my experience with all so we can learn about them.

I have also noticed that they sell Zero Waste products, so it’s a great website.

Thank you for sharing it!

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I’d like that very much, thank you! Hope it works out for your hair!

This is going to the extreme end of sustainability but have you tried gugo bark? It’s traditionally used by the indigenous people in southeast Asia to wash their hair.
I’ve heard of it, I’ve seen it being sold but have never used it personally. Some people swear by it. If you can buy the dried bark strips, this does away with packaging(I’ve seen them sold rolled up and tied with twine). The dried strips are good for a few uses and what is left over can be easily composted.

This is one of the plants I’ve been looking at but have not tried to procure as I have little space to put plants in. The plant itself has multiple uses, although some parts are said to be poisonous. Below is a link to one of the many how to use guides.