Sustainable toothpaste tube

Ran into this article online

It touts “the world’s first recyclable tube” for its toothpaste in Australia. Ever since the mid-80s, toothpaste tubes have been plastic(at least Colgate was initially) in my country (Philippines). I remember this because prior to making their own plastic tubes, they had another company manufacture aluminum tubes for them. It was such a significant endeavor that the manufacturing company, left with specialized tooling and aluminum tubes and no customers chose to jump into toothpaste manufacturing. FILIPINO DISCOVERIES, INVENTIONS, INNOVATIONS and PRODUCTS: HAPEE - the first Filipino toothpaste brand
It is now an established brand that sells side by side with international brands. It has also changed from aluminum tubes to plastic ones eventually.

How about you, what does your toothpaste brand use as tubes in your country, plastic, or aluminum?