Welcome to Zero Waste Talk!

This forum is for everyone who feels concerned about the planet earth.

Here you can:

  • Talk about your Zero Waste experience.
  • Share ideas.
  • Discuss new ways to improve Zero Waste around the world.
  • Discuss and find new Zero Waste solutions.
  • Talk about new shops around your cities.
  • Share opinions on how to increase Zero Waste lovers around the world.

We should come here to join our forces in one place and spread Zero Waste ideas worldwide.
We can learn from each other and improve every day!

Let’s start a revolution!


I am an Actor Director from New Delhi, India and having huge team, We can do street plays and shoot movies to bring awareness of zero waste. - sunabrakadabra@gmail.com


sounds great and how much it will make people to act in practical way?

very nice idea, it’s so interesting forum

that was a full of information forum

NIce Idea and this was a full of information forum, keep up the good work!

Wow great to meet you, Sanshuk.
I may be emailing you soon, I have some ideas! I’m a graduate student in Tampa, Florida studying Sustainable Policy and would like to start an ecovillage one day.

Thanks for sharing!

I’m grateful to be here. I found this article and it lists tons of zero waste resources and shopping online - check it out!

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I’m Bridgette, happy to be here. I’m a mother of 2 in Georgia and found this site through a friend. Pretty awesome topics so far, looking to learn more! My husband really loves to upcycle furniture and I’m looking for some tips & tricks to get him (and the kids) involved! I’ve been swapping out everything in our house for about 6 months now - its been a journey to say the least.