We're growing chickens!

We’ve been growing chickens for some time now and it’s so cool. It takes a some time and effort to properly take care of them but it’s all worth it. They’re happy, have a lot of space, food, friends and are just living a chicken’s paradise, to be honest. They can be pretty noisy (mainly the male roosters, gosh, 5 am and he’s singing. A new clock for me yaay!) and messy but hey, if we’ve got the space and time, why not? Also, we have fresh eggs, which is definetly a plus.

Do any of you have some “farm” animals? If so, how are they like and the experience?

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Don’t have, but would love have a chicken coop in the coming years. Great source of eggs.

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My grandma has chickens and ducks. She has build a small pond where her ducks enjoy the water. It’s funny to see a group of ducks swimming and chickens in the other side of the field. She takes care of them and feeds them properly. My grandma always gives me eggs from her chicken and ducks. Her duck eggs are smaller than chickens but i like them better. Y’all ever had duck eggs?

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Congrats! I honestly don’t have the space to have them, but it surely is a great move towards zero waste.

Have you noticed any difference, regarding the taste, between these fresh eggs and the ones you can buy at a store?
I know that the color is different, buy any information would be appreciated.

Again, congratulations and thank you for sharing!

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Strongly recommend it. If you have the time and the money to take care of it, it’ll sure be of great use and a source of joy. Having nature all around you brings so much peace, even more when they’re more responsive. Even if it’s not possible right now, maybe travelling to a farm or a ranch would give you a sample of how this life feels like.

Its so weird seeing the comparison between an egg from the store, sold in great quantity, and a “straight from the source” egg. They’re smaller unfortunately, kinda brownish and regarding the taste, it’s stronger and more concentrated. I think that the whole process of growing them, taking care and waiting for them to lay eggs has an impact on your mind, like, it tastes different. My theory for that would be that you grow a “relationship” with them and long for them to lay an egg, so the process is like a child, you want them to grow to see how they will turn, it creates an excitment and makes you anxious, so when it finally happens, you’re overpowered with a lot of feelings/sensations. To sum it up, its more rewarding because it is the product of the effort you deposited on them.

We did actually, for some time. My uncle used to look out and take care of them though, (it’s kind of a shared responsability between the eldest in our family) so my understanding of ducks and their growing process is more limited than with chickens. From my perspective and comparison between chickens and ducks, i would say that they have a lot of similarities and a lot of differences. For example: they way they take care of their children is very similar, they’re very very caring of them so i’d think twice before getting close or trying to touch the little ones. Personality wise i would say that ducks are more calm and composed than chickens (ducks won’t climb your roof and start clucking like crazy because they can’t get down by themselves lol). Chickens are more active and less lazy, but oh boy, they’ll get to places you didn’t even know something could get to. Oh and maybe to your surprise, i’ve never tried duck’s eggs. I thought it was gross when i was younger so i didn’t want them, which is something i regret these days. I’ll see if i can find some so i can try. I’ll let you know!

yes, all you said it is true, that is why I like ducks better. I would say their eggs taste different ,but you will know after you try them. :slight_smile:

Growing up, I had the experience of raising a few animals. When I was very young, I was sent a pair of geese by my grandfather. They were “given away” after a few months. Probably ended up eating it without knowing. It was for the best as they could only wander around in our garage.

I’ve been thinking of keeping chickens for the eggs. Only thing is they would end up in battery type cages as I do not have space. I would prefer if they could have a place to forage around. I could raise pigeons. Loft size is not too much of an issue and I could always loft fly them as I have experience in keeping pet pigeons. If they were for food, I doubt anyone else in my household would eat squab unfortunately.

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An old friend of mine used to raise pigeons because he had the perfect roof spot for that and he really liked his birds. He trained them to come back by night and when they would hear his whistle. They would wander around in the sky at day and had mates. The only problem could be that they could make a lot of mess because I do not think you can really train them to not. I believe they are very interesting pets and a good way to reduce stress. Fun fact, the legend himself Mike Tyson used to have pigeons, and once KO’d a garbage man for throwing away his dead pigeon.

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