What are your staple items at home & what do you make?

Hey guys!
I’m curious…I just started a skin care course to learn how to create my own cleansers and body care (Formula Botanica for anyone who’s interested!)

What are the items in your home that you always have on hand for zero waste living?
Mine are: Baking soda, coconut oil, castile soap, essential oils, reusable bags and old containers, cheesecloth, vinegar, etc.

I’ve found there are SO MANY recipes using similar ingredients! What recipes do you love? Anything from food - to cleaning and body care is appreciated. Thank you :pray:


I always like to make my own all-purpose spray (hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, essential oils, water, castile soap)
Makeup - finishing powder (arrowroot powder, cacao, cinnamon)
and I loveee ginger syrup! (Sugar, water, ginger root) :slight_smile:

Me and my mom make soaps, I also grow some veggetables in my garden. As for other things I plan to go on a DIY spree with all the things that are collected in the shed of my dad.