What Sustainable Companies Do You Like To Support?

Hi there,
I’m a graduate student studying Sustainable Policy and I’ve been trying to navigate Zero Waste Living for a while now. It’s hard to find brands that I can rely on consistently for household cleaning and self-care products.
What are your favourite brands/stores?
And why do you like them - is it their packaging, practices, ingredients/sourcing, or how they treat their employees?

Thank you!


Congrats on grad school. That’s a very interesting degree!
I live in Asheville, NC and recently I came across this website - Litterless
It’s a complete bulk shopping guide for North Carolina! I think it’s a great tool and use it often. More areas should use directories like this.

I know that’s what ZeroWasteShops is working to create. So it’s exciting to use this forum to exchange bulk shops in our area, since I’ve noticed many of the readers are from all over the world!

I try and use bulk stores as much as possible, but I do like brands online that are on Thrive Market and Credo Beauty! They seem to do well in all areas on Sustainability and Human Welfare (there’s just more packaging involved with this sort of shopping unfortunately).

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Well in Serbia we have little to none of those brands. I try to pollute as little as possible by recycling everything I can, and instead of making something new I try to reuse things. I avoid plastic as much as I can, if I get something plastic, I get something that won’t be thrown away for the next decade at least.

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If this pizza restaurant was local to me I’d have tried it out long ago. Pizza takeaway in pandan leaves instead of cardboard helps pandemic-hit weavers in the Philippines - YouTube .

I tried a local business that sells farm produce that uses bags made from a similar material. They worked directly with farmers to deliver goods when the pandemic hit. You pay for the bags on your initial order. On succeeding transactions, you will be refunded the cost of the bags if you turn over the ones used in your previous order. Loved the concept. The farmers have a way to sell their goods. The local handicraft industry earns from producing the bags. No single use plastic bags used. Home deliveries help lessen on exposure form COVID 19 compared to going out to buy. Unfortunately, the quality of the produce was too inconsistent. I might try them again soon.