Zero Waste Stores near you

Hi guys!

I think it would be a great idea if we gather everybody’s information to create a list of Zero Waste stores in different parts of the US or other countries.

I live in L.A, so I will make a list of some stores I personally visit.

  • Without Waste Shop: they actually do deliveries (due to COVID I think) and their products are amazing, specially the soap bars.

  • Refillery LA: its a mobile refill station that provides West LA neighborhoods with bulk home cleaning and personal care products.

  • Sprouts: I go to this store to get my beans, granola, snacks, and stuff like that. Mostly food.

There are some other stores around Santa Monica where I have bought once, but the ones in the list are the stores that I really trust, in terms of quality.

Also, I want to recommend this site where I found some of the shops from where I get my stuff weekly. I think there is enough info for every state and major city, so go check it out.

I would love to hear your recommendations, and if you know other shops around LA, just comment below!

Thank you!


Great suggestions! Yes these days I get a lot of things online but it’s hard to reduce packaging. This article lists great zero waste shops online. My favorite is EarthHero!

I just recently noticed that on Ulta they have a new “Loop” program, which is bigger brands switching to zero waste. Burts Bees, Mad Hippie, etc. You can buy shampoo, conditioner, other items and request pickups to get your credits back. A bit pricey in my option, but good to see that bigger brands are making the switch to get people more interested!

I do not know about any Zero Waste Stores in my country, but here is an idea I think would suit my country’s needs and help build a Zero Waste community. I know about my country’s infrastructure and I know that most of the “wants” to be zero waste is going to be very hard, so I am just talking about the basic needs such as food.
I can consider just a single way this will occur. Here’s the manner by which it would work. I, as a client, would make a short list of what I need to make supper 4 days early. I go to the store and request and pay for what I need. On the day of my supper, I proceed to get what I requested. This would need to happen two times in seven days in light of the fact that the delivery truck just goes to the store two times every seven days.
If you don’t care for that and you need to get what you need at whenever, at that point, the stores need to investigate the future to perceive what you need. Arranging the future deals is interesting and very hard. It resembles wagering on horse races or other betting matches. The stores use past deals to understand what to purchase and when. That is the reason there is so much waste because of the fact that individuals don’t care for arranging and purchasing their suppers two times every week and putting away all that stuff. The future arranging is on you, not the store.